Our Services
Coleman Strategic Solutions offers services that will help your small business save money and add value. Review the services listed below and determine which valuable services we can assist with.
  1. Server Administration
    Do you need assistance with managing your server environment? We can help provide administration support for your most critical systems ensuring optimal performance, security, and High Availability.
  2. IT Project Management
    Do you need assistance with managing IT Projects? Managing IT projects is what we've done for years and it's what we continue to do successfully. From inception to completion, we take pride in delivering requirements while managing risks to produce the best results.
  3. Interim CTO Services
    Don't have the budget to hire a full time CTO? No problem. We have the knowledge and experience to provide the technical guidance your business needs to effectively use technology to meet the organization's overall goals.
  4. VMWare Administration
    Do you need assistance with virtualizing physical servers or managing your VMWare Infrastructure? We have the experience you can trust in setting up virtual environments, performing virtual migrations, and optimizing virtual infrastructures.
  5. IT Operations Analysis
    What are your customers saying about your company's IT infrastructure and how services are delivered? We can analyze your IT Operations and provide insight as to what processes can be improved to help your clients trust in the teams ability to provide critical IT services.
  6. Software Selection
    Are you choosing the right software applications for your organization? Let us help you make the right decisions when it comes to software. With an understanding of your business objectives and functions we can assist you in choosing what's right for your business.